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At APF Language Services, our mission is to unite individuals, businesses, and communities across the globe by delivering timely, accurate, and professional translation and interpretation services. Our team is dedicated to their work and meeting all client expectations by providing top-notch Portuguese translation services.

Although our primary focus has always been Brazilian Portuguese Translation Services, we have developed a vast network of professional translators worldwide, allowing us to offer quality translation in virtually any language with a quick turnaround. Please call or email with any inquiries!

Additionally, we offer in-person Brazilian Portuguese Interpretation services in South Florida and virtually anywhere in the world via telephone or video conferencing. 

We look forward to discussing your project and creating a long-term relationship for all your future language needs!

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What We Do

  • Certified Translation – Portuguese Translation Services for Birth Certificates, Death Certificates, Academic Transcripts, Medical Records, and More!
  • Interpretation Service – In-person Brazilian Portuguese Interpretation Services in South Florida or Video Conferencing anywhere in the world
  • Social Media Content Creation
  • Website Localization and Content Creation
  • Press Releases 
  • Quality Assurance and Editing
  • Proofreading
  • Please inquire about other language services
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Why should you choose a professional translator?

Online translators such as Google Translate are very helpful in many informal situations. However, these online translators translate words but not entire meanings. One wrong word can confuse your audience and potentially change the whole purpose of what you are trying to say.

Where can I find a professional translator?

There are many professional translators across the internet. Make sure you ask about their experience and that they are a native speaker. APF Language Services is here to help you with all your translation needs quickly and efficiently at a competitive rate. We specialize in Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish, but please inquire about other languages as well!

How much does translation cost?

Due to many factors, we must look at each job individually before we can quote. Some jobs will be quoted per word and some by the hour. We can give you a quick quote by emailing or calling (561) 203-9127.

What language pairs do you offer?

Our strength is in Brazilian Portuguese and Spanish. However, please also inquire about other language pairs, as we work with a network of translators that can help get your job done quickly!

What services do you offer besides translation?

Please inquire about anything related to translation. We will always try to help or can refer you to someone that can. We can also help with marketing services in Brazilian Portuguese.

Please check our blog for more information!


Ana Franco - Founder APF Language Services

About the Founder

Ana Paula Franco was born and raised in Minas Gerais, Brazil, and has always had a passion for language and writing. She graduated from the Pontifícia Universidade Católica de Minas Gerais with a bachelor’s degree in Journalism. She later finished her master’s degree in Political Science from the Fundação João Pinheiro in Belo Horizonte, Brazil. Her career started in media relations for local and state governments and local newspapers.

In 2013, she decided to take a vacation to Miami, ultimately making her call the U.S. her new home. After that, she worked as an editor for a local Portuguese-language newspaper in South Florida – AcheiUSA – for seven years, connecting her with the local Brazilian community.

She’s been featured on several segments of Globo Noticia Americas, a news program for the leading television network in Brazil.

In 2020, Ana founded APF Language Services and was determined to offer the best Portuguese Translation Services in South Florida and beyond. The company continues to grow and can now offer many more services and language pairs. 


Below are some sample videos of our work in Brazilian Portuguese

Additional samples of Portuguese translation services available upon request 


Outstanding work ethics, performance, and reliability. I highly recommend Ana Paula’s services!

Claudia Feribach

Financial Consultant

Ana is super professional and deliver an extremely professional work. I would use her services again and highly recommend to anyone else interested.

Patrick Rolando

Gerdau USA

Outstanding service! Reliable, flawless, and always complying with deadlines. I highly recommend Ana Paula’s translation.

Caio Terreran

Pepsi Co